Either these are just rambling of an overactive imagination or there is something here that has seemed to have slipped past many. I am by far not an overly spiritual person but I do believe that there is spiritual forces that are good and therefore ones that are evil. The findings that I have investigated so far have me wondering about the implications of Regina's Dominant Ideology on the Aboriginal population. I am not done my investigation by far but please join me on this journey to finding the truth.
A little about me

I have just recently graduated with distinction with my Bachelor of Adult Education and Training. My concentrations are in Psychology and Indigenous Studies. What to do now that I don't have all these textbooks to read! My love of history, writing, and research has found me investigating the founders of Regina, SK and how they set up our city. I believe that they set up Regina in such a way to conquer and oppress the Aboriginal cultures in a spirit of dominance. Some key items I will be investigating are:

Masonic Beliefs
What Masonic Level Regina is
Masonic Symbols on Buildings
Where the Regina Industrial Residential School Was
Where Louis Riel Was Hung
Babylonian & Egyptian Beliefs and European Power


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